The Photographer:

Imaging through advanced lighting and camera techniques, Erdman turns everyday objects into objects-of-desire and living beings into works of art. If you’re looking for unique imagery, consistency and professionalism, trust a photographer with experience and give Michael a call. (415) 441-8888 [email protected]

Professional Photography Background:

Michael Erdman Photography creates images for advertising agencies, design firms, and client direct across the country. His career in photography began in 1984. Erdman Photography opened in San Francisco spring of 1991.


Advanced Photography Education:

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography

Art Center College of Design
Pasadena, CA.

Client Testimonials:

Michael Erdman is a dream to work with. Based on the initial consultation and an overview of his portfolio, I knew that I would leave the photo session with amazing images. What I did not expect was how I would also leave with a new understanding and appreciation towards the field of photography.

Michael is as patient and meticulous during the eleventh hour as he is during the first. Always a step ahead, he will make plans to fulfill customer needs even before the customer realizes there is a need. Going into the shoot, all I had was a general idea of the kinds of shots I was looking for. Through patient inquiry, Michael was able to help me come up with a design plan for him. Throughout the shoot, he voluntarily took time away from his work to explain to me what he was doing. Any questions I had were always happily answered. Even though, in reality, he was the one who did all of the work, Michael made me feel involved in the creation of the amazing pictures.

Photography for Michael is not just about making the client happy. It is about creating the best images possible. Michael Erdman is a true professional. Without a doubt, I would greatly enjoy having another opportunity to work with him again.

-Linda W.

Working with Michael Erdman was a great experience. I got more than the high quality, professional images I went to him for. I learned tips for working with the final digital images. Watching him work, I gained an understanding of what is possible with photography. I realize now that lighting can create endless effects, which can be custom tailored to work with my design and even enhance it. He made my photo shoot about more than simply getting me the images I wanted, he made it a learning experience and offered great professional advice.

-Traci C.

Michael was very professional and kind. He also made the mood light and experience enjoyable. He took his time to get the right photo, setting, and look. I very much enjoyed my experience with him and I would go back again and recommend him to others.

-Diana P.

I have worked with Erdman Photography for over ten years, on a multitude of projects, and throughout a variety of industries. I consider Erdman Photography to be one of the most reliable vendors available. Punctual delivery, attention to detail, and in-depth professional insight. The high level of quality and craftsmanship that consistently surpasses my expectations is what keeps me coming back for more.

-Jonah S.